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Koh Chang – Paradise Island in the Gulf of Thailand

Welcome to the website of “Villa Blue Saphir”, a small paradise on Koh Chang in Thailand. We are looking forward to your visit. Nearly 800 meter high mountains, deep green jungle with waterfalls and a diverse wildlife, beautiful beaches and some 50 offshore islands.Koh Chang “the Elephant Island” – the shape of the mountains have given her that name-is the second largest island of Thailand.The up to 36 km long and up to 15 km wide archipelago is the main island of Koh Chang Marine National Park and home to monkeys, deer, snakes, more than 60 kinds of birds and also the Koh Chang frog “Ran Kohchang”, which is only buzzing around here.The most beautiful underwater worlds in the east of the Gulf of Thailand are in the Marine National Park of Koh Chang. For water sports enthusiasts are varied opportunities with beautiful beaches.Best time to visit are the months from November to April when the northeast monsoon blows from the pleasant Chinese mainland and the frequency of rain is low.

How to get to Koh Chang Island?

The island of Koh Chang can be reached easily from Bangkok Airport by the shuttle bus to the bus station (free).Then with Air-Bus 999 to Laemngob, currently leaving at 7:15, 8:15 and 10:15 AM, about 4 hours to the Center Point Ferry, currently 260 Bath.Continue by ferry about 40 minutes to the island of Koh Chang. There is also a direct bus from the Airport, currently 7:30 AM to the island at currently 308 Bath.Meanwhile, there are also several flights from Bangkok to Trat Airport.From there by Airport Shuttle Bus directly to the island, currently 200 Bath.Ask for current times and prices prior to your holiday.